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The physical environment of the Sahana Udaya elder’s Retreat Home

This building complex is located at No. 28, DS Kahawata Mawatha, Attidiya, Dehiwala. This land of about 2 1/2 acres was given by the Department of Public Trustee in Sri Lanka on 22 July 1999 to the Sahana Udaya Foundation through a legal agreement.

One room for two persons, one bathroom for 2 such rooms, and a common place for 8 such rooms have been provided in the design of the elderly residential building.One floor accommodates 16 adults and the 2-story building accommodates 32 adults.

Apart from this, facilities have also been provided for the administration building, almshouse building, and kitchen and staff hostels.These building complexes were built by the personal donation of the philanthropist Mr. BandulaWeerawardena, donated for the use of the needy elderly.