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For administrative expenditure purposes

Rs.15000.00 ($50) per day for the daily maintenance of the buildings belonging to the Elderly Rest Home and for water bills, electricity bills, telephone bills, transportation expenses and employee salary payments (trained labour, kitchen cook, garden decoration and gardening labour, clerk, accounting clerk) .

Rs.30000.00 ($100) per person per month for deacons who take care of resident parents.

(Care giver service staff work residentially and food, drinks and all other facilities are provided by the institute.)

You can make sponsor contribution to get blessings for your children or parents on their birthdays or to pay tribute to deceased parents or relatives by giving alms to these elderly parents for one meal a day or for the whole day and to help the resident parents for their daily needs or for the maintenance and development work of the institution as well as administrative costs.

These parents who are living a religious life and accumulating merits, spend the latter part of their lives constantly blessing you and offering merits every day.


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