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The Massage of the Ven: Regarding the construction of the Sahana Uday Elder’s Retreat Home

Ven. Haputale Pangnarama Thero
Ven. Haputale Pangnarama Thero

In Sri Lanka, it has become a crisis to take care of the elderly in the family. In the traditional family system, although the elder was a safe person then, as a result of various social changes, a problem has been created in today’s society where the elders are neglected.There are many reasons created by modern society as well as historical factors that contributed to this unfortunate situation. In a way that is not seen in any other country in the world, the elderly population of our country represents a large percentage of the population and through this we have to ask and see social issues that have never been seen in history.The first group to be rejected and neglected is the elderly, especially those faced with the challenge of supporting a large number of dependents in a low-income family

This unfortunate situation has spread throughout the urban culture and this has become a serious problem for the rural people who represent 85%. In this regard, the overall strength of the governmental and non-governmental active organizations operating in the country is insufficient today and they are facing the problem of providing facilities that meet the needs and demands.Taking into account all these socio-economic and environmental factors, started a center for the safe care of the elderly and with the desire to reduce the burden of this social issue to some extent, we started building this elderly Retreat Home.


Honorable Chairman

Board of Sahana Udaya Elder’s Retreat Home