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About Sahana Udaya Elders Retreat Home

Purposes :

# Facilitate physical development of residential adults.
# Maintaining optimal nutritional levels.
# Conducting health clinics and arranging to provide audio-visual equipment as needed
# Daily use of indoor sports programme.
# Referral to religious programme.
# Referral to self-restraint exercises and meditation programme.
# Participation in spiritual pilgrimages and pleasure trips

Objectives :

# Free provision of facilities for distribute adults without anyone's intervention.
# Providing residential facilities only for parents between the age of 65-75 years.
# Residential recruitment of adults who have no children from marriage or who have no one to care for out of wedlock.
# Recruiting adults who are able to adapt to normal life without physical or mental conditions.

Registration :

Company name & Address : Sahana Udaya Elder’s Retreat Home
No: 28, D.S.Kahawita Mawatha, Atthidiya, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka

Registration No :NCA/0026/2003/WP – WP/SSD/C/EH/2010/10

(7) Clause (a). :The Elderly Retreat Home has been made a Government recognized charity under 31 of the Inland Revenue Act No. 38 of 2000.

Telephone No : 011-2761832

Fax : 011-2761833

Email Address : info@sahanaudaya.org

Web Site : www.sahanaudaya.org